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List duplicate / missing episodes

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Features that would be nice if included are

  • List of missing episodes according to availible on TVRage.

Sometime when importing loads of files at the same time typos and missing single episodes can easily remain unspotted, especially when working with large collections spanning several seasons. This missing episode feature could work as a separate menu item right next to the rescan-buttons in the Settings menu; "Scan for missing" or the like.

  • List of duplicates.

When I manually rename Anime-episodes to comply with the naming conventions I sometime fuck up the numbering, most often by numbering two sequent files with the same number. As I always leave the checksum included in the filename will the files names not be identical, but only the numbering, and thus will the file manager used not signal error. This phenomenon is worsened by the fact that whatever file manager used most often sorts away renamed files off screen before one can rename the next which makes error spotting harder. It would be nice if the scanner would signal that two different files are numbered as the same episode of the same season of a particular series, or have it as a separate scanner next to the others like "Scan for dupes".

  • Support for multi-episode files.

A lot of series, particularly Anime, have multi-episode-episodes (or whatever one would call them); that is several episodes within the same airing, and thus the same file. These files do only get metadata fetched for the first episode number. I would like to see Sapphire fetching both episodes' info and present it in the "Name1 / Name2" fashion with "ep-nr1 / ep-nr2" (or similar; / could for example be swapped for +) as numbering for an episode named, for example, "". This could in this case be accomplished by swapping the regex [\. -]?[0-9]+x[S0-9]+ for [\. -]?[0-9]+x[S0-9]+(-[S0-9]{2}){0,1} and just check whether the last parenthesis's variable is != null. (Dunno what language you're using, but at least in Perl this would be fairly straightforward.)

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by snown

I would like to put a vote towards the implementation of multi-episode support. It's sad when you're looking at your episode list and it looks like you're missing the second episode, but really it's just that the first episode is really just a double episode.

It seems that it would be possible to compare the the dates on TVRage, and if two episodes are released on the same day, one could assume (in conjunction with the naming syntax "ShowName? s01e01-02 - stuff.avi") that those episodes with same day release could also be a double episode.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by gbooker

(In [451]) Two episode in a file support
Refs #14

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by gbooker

  • Summary changed from Episode handling related feature requests to List duplicate / missing episodes
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