Version [54]

  • Allow the setting of dynamic range. Can make soft sounds louder.
  • AC3 passthrough. This is a hidden pref since it requires special conditions. It is best set by the application after it has completed such setup.
  • Fixed bug with badly packetized data
  • Fixed a case where the audio was being clipped
  • Fixed an incorrect assumption about sample rates.
  • Fixed an error with an incomplete sample at the end of a file
  • Added the ability to output Pro Logic II


Version [28]

  • Increased audio buffer size to play files with large packet sizes (#9)


Version [20]:

  • Fixed Mono playback (ticket was lost when hosting company lost hard drive for this server)


Version [16]:

  • Added quicktime .ac3 file importer (#5)
  • Fixed cases for badly packetized data
  • Added Preferences for dynamic range compression and selecting between dolby and stereo for 2 channel output


Version [5]:
Taken from version 1.5 by Shepmaster <shepmaster@…>

  • Corrected several issues which cause the component to fail with many AC3 files
  • Made it a Universal Binary
  • Allowed playback of AC3 contained within AVI files as well as the previous formats.
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