A52Codec Development

Welcome to the A52Codec development page. From here, one can browse the source, search existing tickets or file tickets.


A52Codec is now included in Perian. I'm no longer maintaining a separate download.

About this Codec

This component was originally written by Shepmaster. His page on the codec is here. This version does not work on Intel and often doesn't work on PPC, so I took this program in May of 2006 and rewrote it to fix these shortcomings.

Major Features

  • Multi-channel decoding of AC3 audio (can do full 5.1 decoding).
  • Implemented as a core-audio component so it is available to both Quicktime and Core Audio components.
  • Includes an AC3 importer so QuickTime can read .ac3 files directly.
  • Includes a preferences file to enable or disable dobly surround encoding as well as dynamic range compression.

Version history is available at ChangeLog

Using this Codec

Installing this component is rather simple.

  • If you wish to to be available to all users on the system, simply copy A52Codec.component to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and AC3MovieImport.component to /Library/QuickTime.
  • To install it for a single user, copy A52Codec.component to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and AC3MovieImport.component to /Library/QuickTime inside the user's home directory.

Quit any open Quicktime applications, (including FrontRow) you wish to use this component and relaunch them.

  • Lastly, be sure to remove all instances of AC3Codec. It does not work properly and can cause severe problems on Intel machines.


Source code is available through subversion. Once you have subversion installed, simply execute the following to get an up-to-date copy of the source code: svn co a52codec


If you are experiencing problem, the best course of action is to first conduct a search to see if others are experiencing similar issues, and if not, file a new ticket (You must create an account to post; Don't like it? Then kill the spammers and show me their heads).

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